Thursday, 12 January 2012

thirteen - nail varnish collection.

Sorry I haven't blogged for a few days, I promise to get better soon! I've just moved back to Liverpool this week and have had to get straight on with my revision! Exams are looming, waaah. Anyway, to cheer myself up (and procrastinate further) here is my post on my nail varnish collection!

I've never had a massive collection purely because I don't want to waste money on things I won't use, so I usually think carefully about what colours I buy. Obviously my favourite colour is red, I have lots of different shades which I love. I used to use Rimmel's "Double Decker Red" religiously, but since have been given a different red shade (I think it's the Barry M one) and I've just forgotten about it really. Will definitely have to repurchase though!

Above are my "top six", so to speak. L-R Essie "Fishnet Stockings", OPI "Red My Fortune Cookie", Chanel "Paradoxical", and my three favourite Model's Own shades, "Beetlejuice - Purple Blue", "Scarlet Sparkle" and "Beetlejuice - Emerald Black".

Essie - Fishnet Stockings

This is my go-to winter colour purely because I love wearing deep red on my nails. Essie is probably the most reputable brand in my eyes, so I know I can trust it to go on evenly (as long as thin strokes are applied) and to last at least 3 days without chipping. I'm very keen on neat nails so as soon as I get a chip, a new colour goes on!

OPI - Red My Fortune Cookie

This red shade is slightly paler than the usual red shades you get, and is less vibrant, but not in a bad way! It's a great daytime shade, and like Essie, goes on very smoothly. However this does have a tendency to only last around 2 days without chipping or peeling, which I don't like cos I like to wear one colour for around 4-5 days if possible. Part of the OPI Hong Kong Collection from Spring 2010.

Chanel - Paradoxical

Eeep I love this colour so much! It's actually my mum's nail varnish but I've tried it a few times and loved it. It's got a little bit of microglitter mixed in with the lovely purple shade which gives it that little bit of an edge and makes it a less classic addition to Chanel's range. Unfortunately the price tag is something I just can't afford!

Model's Own - Beetlejuice: Purple Blue

This was my first purchase of the Beetlejuice collection and I must say I was pleasantly surprised! It shimmers so many different colours, blue, pink, purple, silver! Lovely. It also goes on really well, you only need two coats for an opaque finish. Saying that if I have long nails my white tips are usually very white, so sometimes three coats is needed. Getting it off used to be a pain because it contains glitter but I recieved a lovely tip on how to get glitter nail varnish off! Will post it at the end :)

Model's Own - Scarlet Sparkle

My sister got me this for Christmas, LOOK HOW SHINY IT IS. I adore it, feel like a Queen with it on! If only she wore nail varnish like this eh? It only needs two coats for an opaque finish which surprised me, as usually these glitter varnishes are clear varnish with colour glitter, but thankfully the varnish was red! It lasts really long too, around 5 days I'd say.

Model's Own - Beetlejuice: Emerald Black

The second varnish my sister got for me was this Beetlejuice addition, one I'd been lusting after as soon as I got Purple Blue. It doesn't shine as many colours as the Purple Blue shade which disappointed me, as this was supposed to be the collections USP. However the shade is the nicest deep green, with a hint of turquoise.. and maybe even some black microglitter? But my eyes are bad so possibly ignore that last comment ;)

So! Finally I want to share with you the tip I was given regarding the removal of pesky glitter nail varnish. Got to admit I was at my wit's end shredding up nail varnish remover pads when the varnish just wouldnt come off! Simple solution? Put nail varnish remover onto a round pad cut in two, wrap one half around your nail, then wrap in foil, leave for at least 5 minutes, and then remove!