Friday, 20 January 2012

fifteen - plans.

Felt like taking photos today, there you go. Love putting my "bronze rage" models own nail varnish on with the shatter-effect polish on top :) As the title suggests I've been busy making plans this week, amongst my exams aswell. I've had 2 so far, Sedimentology/Paleontology on Monday, and Maths/Physics on Thursday. The third and final one is this monday coming: Oceans, Climate and Atmosphere, then I'm done! I'm planning on going back home for just under a week, mainly for my dad's birthday but also to chill a little bit more before lectures start again! Feels like months since I've been to a lecture due to Christmas.

Now, on to my news. Ish. I've applied for work experience! So happy I've had the guts to do this, what with personal issues I barely have any confidence talking to strangers, let alone asking to work with them for 3 months! I've applied for Hydrology work experience at the Environment Agency, and also work experience at the Met Office in Exeter. If I got either I would so so happy, it would look really good on my CV and I've been itching to get an insiders look on the work place because I'm struggling to find a path I want to follow. I know this isn't as exciting as a fashion internship, but for me it's the next best thing!

Also I've got a great month coming up in March. I'm in University for 3 weeks, then in the last week I have three gigs planned: The Maccabees, Florence and The Machine and Wild Beasts! Eeeep! Fair enough my bank balance will be dire by the time Easter comes around but to be honest you've got to have fun when you're a first year right?! Eep so excited! :)

Now, back to my revision... sigh!


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