Thursday, 25 October 2012

Figure 8

Hello...anyone out there?

Do you still remember my pretty face?

I'm still alive, promise.

Taken an extended hiatus from my blog for a few months because I needed to get used to a big change in my life. That big change was moving house, back to the lovely land of Liverpool, with a bunch of new housemates. Who are amazing, by the way:

Also I've been getting back to grips with Uni (30 hours a week is not kind to my energy levels). It's hard, very hard, but I'm enjoying being back around my coursemates.

Unfortunately depression has reared it's ugly head again - it was getting much better over the summer months, so perhaps it's exaggerated S.A.D but I don't know for sure. Hopefully not, because that's such a lousy illness, is it not?

Anyway, I'll try to get back into blogging soon. I've bought lots of nice nail varnish, make up bits and bobs to show you.