Sunday, 29 January 2012

twenty - sunday nothings #4.

♥; Currently at home having a nice, relaxing weekend away from Liverpool. Sometimes it gets too much for me and it's lovely to be able to come back home.

♥; Lectures start again this week, it feels like ages since Christmas now. Excited to get stuck in. I'm taking modules in Environmental Chemistry, Ocean Chemistry, Dynamic Landscapes and Processes in Physical Geography.

♥; Really want to start saving up for my tattoo... wishful thinking on a loan that doesn't stretch and no job!

Wearing KOL top & bodycon skirt

On my nails Barry M "Mushroom"

Listening to Pendulum

Watching The Street

Reading 1Q84 - Haruki Murakami


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

nineteen - i need your help ladies!

Hello there. Now, I have what is the bane of every girl's life (well ok, not every girl's!) - dry patches on my skin. Exasterbated in the winter months due to excessive heating and cooling, I'm sick of it! I currently use a bog standard Johnson's moisturiser, which is good for nightly use but just doesn't cut it for longevity. As you know I'm a jobless student, so with my very small bank balance I was wondering if anyone knows of any decent daily moisturisers? I dislike ones that leave my skin shiny, and I hope the moisturiser will sink in quickly but still leave my skin feeling supple.

Any suggestions are welcome, I'd be extremely grateful!


PS if you haven't seen already, I've applied to appear in next month's Company magazine (along with other bloggers Jess and Martha), if you wouldn't mind could you 'like' any of my images here? Thankyou :)

eighteen - atzec nails.

Colours used: Models Own Nude Beige & Proper Copper
Lines using my Models Own/WAH Nail Art Pen


Tuesday, 24 January 2012

seventeen - company casting call.

Hello lovelies :) Just a little post to let you know I've entered into the Company Casting Call competition, which means if you win you could be in the May issue! How lovely. Anyway I've never entered stuff like this before and do not consider myself to be a model, but still, would really appreciate it if you could "like" one or two of my images up there? :)

Vote here please:

Thankyou if you take the time out to vote! xxx

Monday, 23 January 2012

sixteen - monday nothings? #3

Hello everyone, sorry for the late sunday post again! I promise to do these more regularly from now on, after all my exams have just finished today (yay!) so I'll have sundays free instead of revising! I don't know what to do with myself now January exams have finished, I mean.. I can just chill, and watch films, and read? How odd. Halls has been a little grim this week, one of the lads from downstairs managed to smash two of our doors in and there has been boarded up doors/blood smeared on the wall for the best part of  a few days, how nice. Can't wait to have my own house in second year!

♥; I'm missing my family quite a lot recently, happy to be going home for a long weekend on Wednesday :)

♥; Have you listened to the "Ceremonials" album by Florence and The Machine yet? No? Get on it. It's got to be the best album I've heard in a long time.

♥; A nice tip for a subtle accent nail: add a glitter version of your nail polish colour on to your ring finger!


Wearing burgundy scallop-edged vest & trackie bottoms

On my nails Barry M  "Bright Red" and Models Own "Scarlet Sparkle" on my ring finger

Listening to Florence & The Machine - Lover to Lover

Watching Masterchef <3

Reading 1Q84 - Haruki Murakami

Friday, 20 January 2012

fifteen - plans.

Felt like taking photos today, there you go. Love putting my "bronze rage" models own nail varnish on with the shatter-effect polish on top :) As the title suggests I've been busy making plans this week, amongst my exams aswell. I've had 2 so far, Sedimentology/Paleontology on Monday, and Maths/Physics on Thursday. The third and final one is this monday coming: Oceans, Climate and Atmosphere, then I'm done! I'm planning on going back home for just under a week, mainly for my dad's birthday but also to chill a little bit more before lectures start again! Feels like months since I've been to a lecture due to Christmas.

Now, on to my news. Ish. I've applied for work experience! So happy I've had the guts to do this, what with personal issues I barely have any confidence talking to strangers, let alone asking to work with them for 3 months! I've applied for Hydrology work experience at the Environment Agency, and also work experience at the Met Office in Exeter. If I got either I would so so happy, it would look really good on my CV and I've been itching to get an insiders look on the work place because I'm struggling to find a path I want to follow. I know this isn't as exciting as a fashion internship, but for me it's the next best thing!

Also I've got a great month coming up in March. I'm in University for 3 weeks, then in the last week I have three gigs planned: The Maccabees, Florence and The Machine and Wild Beasts! Eeeep! Fair enough my bank balance will be dire by the time Easter comes around but to be honest you've got to have fun when you're a first year right?! Eep so excited! :)

Now, back to my revision... sigh!


Monday, 16 January 2012

fourteen - sunday nothings #2

Hello everyone, sorry for the late sunday post but at least it's here! I've just finished the first of three exams in the next few weeks so bear with me whilst I'm a little quiet on the blogging front. Spending the rest of the day relaxing, painting my nails, watching telly and going to get nice food to eat.

♥; I'm loving this crisp, sunny weather we've been having as of late. Been like this for a week now, lovely!
♥; Time to get my brain into gear for the big maths and physics exam on thursday, booo! I really don't like maths, numbers just don't sit well with me!
♥; Been meaning to read more since Christmas, and although I'm a fair way into 1Q84 I'm still not nearly half way through! Amazing book though.


Wearing my superdry hoody (specially for exams mwaha), leggins and a purple top underneath
On my nails nothing!
Listening to Arcade Fire
Watching The Great Sport Relief Bake Off ;)
Reading 1Q84 - Haruki Murakami


Thursday, 12 January 2012

thirteen - nail varnish collection.

Sorry I haven't blogged for a few days, I promise to get better soon! I've just moved back to Liverpool this week and have had to get straight on with my revision! Exams are looming, waaah. Anyway, to cheer myself up (and procrastinate further) here is my post on my nail varnish collection!

I've never had a massive collection purely because I don't want to waste money on things I won't use, so I usually think carefully about what colours I buy. Obviously my favourite colour is red, I have lots of different shades which I love. I used to use Rimmel's "Double Decker Red" religiously, but since have been given a different red shade (I think it's the Barry M one) and I've just forgotten about it really. Will definitely have to repurchase though!

Above are my "top six", so to speak. L-R Essie "Fishnet Stockings", OPI "Red My Fortune Cookie", Chanel "Paradoxical", and my three favourite Model's Own shades, "Beetlejuice - Purple Blue", "Scarlet Sparkle" and "Beetlejuice - Emerald Black".

Essie - Fishnet Stockings

This is my go-to winter colour purely because I love wearing deep red on my nails. Essie is probably the most reputable brand in my eyes, so I know I can trust it to go on evenly (as long as thin strokes are applied) and to last at least 3 days without chipping. I'm very keen on neat nails so as soon as I get a chip, a new colour goes on!

OPI - Red My Fortune Cookie

This red shade is slightly paler than the usual red shades you get, and is less vibrant, but not in a bad way! It's a great daytime shade, and like Essie, goes on very smoothly. However this does have a tendency to only last around 2 days without chipping or peeling, which I don't like cos I like to wear one colour for around 4-5 days if possible. Part of the OPI Hong Kong Collection from Spring 2010.

Chanel - Paradoxical

Eeep I love this colour so much! It's actually my mum's nail varnish but I've tried it a few times and loved it. It's got a little bit of microglitter mixed in with the lovely purple shade which gives it that little bit of an edge and makes it a less classic addition to Chanel's range. Unfortunately the price tag is something I just can't afford!

Model's Own - Beetlejuice: Purple Blue

This was my first purchase of the Beetlejuice collection and I must say I was pleasantly surprised! It shimmers so many different colours, blue, pink, purple, silver! Lovely. It also goes on really well, you only need two coats for an opaque finish. Saying that if I have long nails my white tips are usually very white, so sometimes three coats is needed. Getting it off used to be a pain because it contains glitter but I recieved a lovely tip on how to get glitter nail varnish off! Will post it at the end :)

Model's Own - Scarlet Sparkle

My sister got me this for Christmas, LOOK HOW SHINY IT IS. I adore it, feel like a Queen with it on! If only she wore nail varnish like this eh? It only needs two coats for an opaque finish which surprised me, as usually these glitter varnishes are clear varnish with colour glitter, but thankfully the varnish was red! It lasts really long too, around 5 days I'd say.

Model's Own - Beetlejuice: Emerald Black

The second varnish my sister got for me was this Beetlejuice addition, one I'd been lusting after as soon as I got Purple Blue. It doesn't shine as many colours as the Purple Blue shade which disappointed me, as this was supposed to be the collections USP. However the shade is the nicest deep green, with a hint of turquoise.. and maybe even some black microglitter? But my eyes are bad so possibly ignore that last comment ;)

So! Finally I want to share with you the tip I was given regarding the removal of pesky glitter nail varnish. Got to admit I was at my wit's end shredding up nail varnish remover pads when the varnish just wouldnt come off! Simple solution? Put nail varnish remover onto a round pad cut in two, wrap one half around your nail, then wrap in foil, leave for at least 5 minutes, and then remove!


Sunday, 8 January 2012

twelve - sunday nothings #1.

Going to try and make this a regular sunday "feature", if you will. A simple screenshot with some little facts about the week ahead and my current musings.

♥; I'm moving back to Liverpool tomorrow, for my exams and the start of my second semester. I can't wait for my exams to be over on the 23rd! Still, lots of revision to be done before then.

♥; Can't wait to meet up with my uni friends, missed them all a fair bit!

♥; Might be booking tickets to see Swan Lake in March, at New Brighton Theatre :) ooh I am excited!


Wearing my uni jumper, denim shorts and tights.

On my nails model's own "scarlet sparkle".

Listening to The Civil Wars

Watching A documentary on the Great Barrier Reef

Reading 1Q84 - Haruki Murakami


Friday, 6 January 2012

eleven - red.

dress new look

I picked up this lovely dress from New Look in the sales the other day. £8, not too bad! It's a rusty colour which looks great in the sunlight (when we get some!)

bracelet lily loves lola

I keep forgetting to mention this bracelet I got in the post shortly after Christmas! Victoria from Lily Loves Lola has a big selection of cute bracelets and other jewellery on her blogshop, for great prices! Go and check it out :)


Wednesday, 4 January 2012

ten - the wolves.

Today my outfit is inspired by Michelle of Daisybutter, go and check it out if you've got the time :) Loved her combination of a jumper with a cute shirt underneath!

jumper topshop | shirt new look | locket gift

shoes topshop

Paired the outfit with my lovely shoes, which I got as a christmas present from my grandparents a few years ago. I wore these purely because my other boots are currently being re-heeled, but I'm glad I wore them because they're very pretty :) i'm wearing nude tights underneath, hence the funny tone to my skin!

Spent the day mooching round town with a friend, he treated me to a big hot chocolate and a muffin :) how lovely! Now going to spend my evening attempting maths, listening to Ben Howard, reading and drinking tea. Bliss (bar the maths).


Tuesday, 3 January 2012

nine - into the light.

I recently bought the Clinique Superfine Liner in Warm Brown whilst out sales shopping with my mum and sister, and I love it! It provides buildable coverage so you can fill your brows in with them still looking natural! :)


Monday, 2 January 2012

eight - (very belated) christmas gifts.

Christmas was my favourite part of 2011 for sure, loved spending time with my family and being a lazy lady. I was blessed with lots of wonderful gifts, and also some vouchers! I'll let you know what I got with those on another post...

Firstly I got a lovely, snuggly pair of slippers! So happy to have warm feet now, and will appreciate them all the more when I'm back in my cold university halls!

I got given two books by my parents, firstly The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern which looks like a really intriguing read! Secondly I was given Book One and Book Two of Haruki Murakami's highly anticipated IQ84! Already a good hundred or so pages into this and loving every word. You really do get sucked in by the characters, I've read Norweigan Wood prior to this and that was one of my favourite books of all time. Will give a proper review of IQ84 when I'm finished :)

I was also given Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf off my parents. Smells so nice! And the bottle is so lovely and simplistic, I love it.

I was also given some amazing Models Own nail polishes (in Scarlet Sparkle and Emerald Black), and a WAH/Models Own Nail Art Pen by my lovely sister. Been toying around with those! Will give you my verdict of these in a later post as I'm going to do one on my nail varnish collection ;)

Also I was given a Jimmy Carr DVD, and albums by The XX and Florence & The Machine. Florence's album is beautiful, no other way to describe it. I love relaxing to The XX too, so it's been great to have that on my iPod finally!

I also got some waterproof pants for my fieldwork at university because I'M SO COOL.


But really, the best thing for me was being with my family - it wouldn't have mattered if I'd have got half as much of all this, or double, or none at all :)


Sunday, 1 January 2012

seven - hello 2012.

Happy new year everyone, I hope you had a great night last night whatever you got up to :) true to form I stayed in with my family and a bottle of cider, watching good ol' Jools on the telly. I refuse to do anything else on NYE! Besides, I had nothing to celebrate about 2011 in my opinion so I didn't feel like "drinking to a year gone by".

Warning; it's a long post! x

Last year was, probably, the worst year of my life. I don't use that term lightly, I really do think that. I started 2011 fully involved in a relationship where I believed I was "in love". I put all my eggs in one basket as it were, and unfortunately the relationship came to an untidy end in February. It had, and still has a massive effect on my confidence, and trusting the opposite sex. 

 Also I lost two people that were, and still are extremely close to my heart. When I heard the news of my Grandad passing away in April I genuinely didn't know how I was supposed to carry on. My A Level exams were just around the corner and the only thing I wanted to do was try and turn back time and bring my Grandad back. But, the experience taught me to be strong for my family, and I did my exams in memory of him.

I didn't do as well as expected, I'd hoped for an A in geography but got a B. However I did get a B in Biology and I was so shocked/happy at that! I was, and still remain awful at science compared to the arts so I was quite frankly gobsmacked. So, August was stressful because I got rejected by my 2 universities and unfortunately had to enter Clearing. Every cloud has a silver lining though, and I ended up at the University of Liverpool in September.

Whilst preparing for University (by that I mean looking at Laura Ashley websites swooning over cushions..) in August I recieved the dreadful news that I'd lost my Grandma. Now this was bittersweet in my opinion because although I was horribly saddened to lose her, I was greatful she was no longer suffering with Dementia and that God had chosen to reunite her with my Grandad in the afterlife.

And then came Semester 1 of University. This has been a very up-and-down time for me to say the least. I'm grateful for the people I've met at University, that is one positive. In Liverpool everyone is so friendly and warm, and certainly knows how to have a good time! I ran before I could walk, and ended up drinking an awful lot, smoking a little and well, getting around in general I guess. I'm not ashamed to talk about it because it happens to everyone at some point. I guess I went a little "off the rails" for want of a better phrase. Anyway, I decided it was time to finally see a counsellor and after a few sessions they came to the conclusion that I have depression. This was in around November, and oddly enough it wasn't a struggle to come to terms with because it's something I've known in my heart for months.

Mid-December and it was the end of my first Semester, and I came home. I've never been more glad to spend time at home, with my family and old friends. I did a lot of thinking at home and came to the conclusion that I'm not going to let depression walk all over me. I deserve to be happy, in my opinion. So, here's to the positives coming up this year :)

- I'm changing my appearance: I've dyed my hair a little darker, started wearing red lipstick more often instead of shying away from it and I'm getting a tattoo next week. It seems like a lot to change, and so quickly, but I need it. I need shaking up and I need change.

- I'm going to spend more time with my family: this is an obvious, I love seeing my family so will make the effort to come home more often, write more letters, make more phonecalls.

- I'm going to get a job: hopefully! I need the money, and to think I'll finally be supporting myself will be such a good feeling.

So, in essence, I'm going to get better. I'm going to take my camera out with me more, go on walks, take lovely pictures, take pride in my appearance, make friendships stronger, work harder on my course and just live.

God knows who's read this far, but if you have, thankyou, you're a trooper! :)