Monday, 16 January 2012

fourteen - sunday nothings #2

Hello everyone, sorry for the late sunday post but at least it's here! I've just finished the first of three exams in the next few weeks so bear with me whilst I'm a little quiet on the blogging front. Spending the rest of the day relaxing, painting my nails, watching telly and going to get nice food to eat.

♥; I'm loving this crisp, sunny weather we've been having as of late. Been like this for a week now, lovely!
♥; Time to get my brain into gear for the big maths and physics exam on thursday, booo! I really don't like maths, numbers just don't sit well with me!
♥; Been meaning to read more since Christmas, and although I'm a fair way into 1Q84 I'm still not nearly half way through! Amazing book though.


Wearing my superdry hoody (specially for exams mwaha), leggins and a purple top underneath
On my nails nothing!
Listening to Arcade Fire
Watching The Great Sport Relief Bake Off ;)
Reading 1Q84 - Haruki Murakami



h0lliedays said...

Love a bit of arcade fire!

Gabby said...

Me too, Funeral's the best album imo! :) x