Monday, 2 January 2012

eight - (very belated) christmas gifts.

Christmas was my favourite part of 2011 for sure, loved spending time with my family and being a lazy lady. I was blessed with lots of wonderful gifts, and also some vouchers! I'll let you know what I got with those on another post...

Firstly I got a lovely, snuggly pair of slippers! So happy to have warm feet now, and will appreciate them all the more when I'm back in my cold university halls!

I got given two books by my parents, firstly The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern which looks like a really intriguing read! Secondly I was given Book One and Book Two of Haruki Murakami's highly anticipated IQ84! Already a good hundred or so pages into this and loving every word. You really do get sucked in by the characters, I've read Norweigan Wood prior to this and that was one of my favourite books of all time. Will give a proper review of IQ84 when I'm finished :)

I was also given Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf off my parents. Smells so nice! And the bottle is so lovely and simplistic, I love it.

I was also given some amazing Models Own nail polishes (in Scarlet Sparkle and Emerald Black), and a WAH/Models Own Nail Art Pen by my lovely sister. Been toying around with those! Will give you my verdict of these in a later post as I'm going to do one on my nail varnish collection ;)

Also I was given a Jimmy Carr DVD, and albums by The XX and Florence & The Machine. Florence's album is beautiful, no other way to describe it. I love relaxing to The XX too, so it's been great to have that on my iPod finally!

I also got some waterproof pants for my fieldwork at university because I'M SO COOL.


But really, the best thing for me was being with my family - it wouldn't have mattered if I'd have got half as much of all this, or double, or none at all :)


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