Saturday, 31 March 2012

With all this fever in my mind, I could aim for your kerosine eyes

T Shirt & Shorts Topshop

On reflection, I look silly with straight hair, don't I? I didn't do it myself anyway, it was my hairdresser! Merely to make putting layers in my hair easier.

So, yesterday involved a trip to said hairdresser (who is lovely, minus the straightening), and general pottering. Got to be honest I've done the bare minimum of work since I've been back, and have just been lazing around. I don't mind though, it's nice to relax and I am very good at it if I do say so myself.

Two extremely good things have come of this Easter holiday, though (so far!): I passed my maths and physics module from semester one of uni! Halle-frickin-lujah. I am beyond awful at maths and physics, but I'm so proud I passed that module. This means, so far, no resits in summer! Second good thing to happen, is that I got an interview! Eeeep. It's on tuesday, honestly I'm quite looking forward to the chance to prove myself. Keep your fingers crossed for me, ladies and gents!

This week will be lovely, I honestly can't wait. I've been missing a certain Manc lad very much this week (soppy old me), and I'm meeting up with him after my interview on tuesday, and spending a few days with him in Liverpool. So excited to be in his company again :)

So, safe to say these past few weeks have been genuinely, really positive for me. I didn't think I'd be saying such a thing if I'm honest, I've been stuck in the rut of being low for well over a year, and finally things are looking up for me. It makes you appreciate the little things so much more. I've just got my mits on the latest issue of Glamour, and it has a great little feature on Depression, and it's effects on young women. I think it's great Glamour raised awareness, because I "suffered in silence" (so to speak) for about a year, and only got help when I came to uni. For anyone else who is feeling abit down in the dumps, and has been doing for longer than a fortnight, please go and see your doctor, you've no idea the help they can give you. Personally, I think I'm nearly at the stage where I can be more independent, be it (hopefully) getting a job, and maybe even considering stopping going to counselling. It'll be a huge step in my life, I tell you that!

It's so strange, and lovely, how things can turn around.


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Shore to Shore

Maxi Dress Daisy Lane

Vest Topshop

Hello everyone, hope you're still basking in the lovely sunshine right now! I've been trying to get all my bits and bobs sorted today, student finance, doctors appointments etc etc. Going to spend the rest of the day reading I think, really want to finish Book One of 1Q84 this week. Time seems to slow right down when I'm at home, it stinks because I miss someone very much and wanted this week to fly by! Hey ho.


Monday, 26 March 2012

Pretty Green

Recently I went on a lovely summery walk to Sefton Park, and visited the Botanical Gardens there (I think it's called that anyway!). Basically it was a huge conservatory filled with pretty flowers, what's a girl not to like eh? Here are some photos from the day:


It was a gorgeous day out, can't believe the weather has stayed so nice for so long! Lovely stuff. What have you all been getting up to on these sunny days? :)


Sunday, 25 March 2012

You're strumming on my heart strings like you were a grade eight, I've never felt this way.

Dress H&M

Nails Models Own Scarlet Sparkle

Watch Grandad's

Forever wearing socks, whatever the weather!

My easter reading.

My kitty, I've missed her dearly!

Well hello there, long time no see eh? Apologies about not posting regularly, uni gets very busy sometimes! I've just finished term for Easter, it's nice to be home! 3 weeks sounds like a long time but I'm sure it'll fly by. Then I only have 4 weeks until exams start, eep! My break will be spent revising, reading, baking, seeing friends and family, going to Manchester to see a lovely boy, and hopefully getting my first tattoo! I'll show you all when it's done :)

How are you all spending your easter?


Saturday, 3 March 2012

One and only

Hello lovelies, hope you're having a chilled weekend :) I think I deserve a weekend to relax, I've been working non-stop all week! Been to the library more times than I care to count. Today I've watched the football in the bar (don't worry, I don't like football that much, it's me remember!), and will watch a film tonight I reckon. And tomorrow will be much the same, minus football and plus laundry!

Anyway, last weekend when my sister came to Liverpool for the day I bought a lovely dress from H&M. Here's a preview :) I'll get a better picture when I'm not constantly in my "study-wear" (ie hoody and jeans!)...

Looks like my fringe has well and truly grown out, hallelujah! I'm not too sure what to do with my hair at the moment, I want to keep growing it but it's so thick that when it gets past a certain length, my waves disappear :( I like having wavy hair. Best just have a trim to keep it healthy eh!

I can't believe it's March already, how weird is that? Swear it was only a few weeks ago I was unpacking all my stuff from Christmas! Only got 3 weeks left until Easter, too. Then it's one more term and that's my first year gone! Ridiculous.

Has anyone bought Glamour this month? I recieved the Percy & Reed Finishing Polish free with my issue. It smells lovely, but I am slightly stumped... do you put it on wet or dry hair? This is probably a really obvious question but will someone grace me with an answer please, dying to try it out!

Anyway I shan't ramble much longer, it's tea time soon and then i'll change into my trackies and relax for the rest of the night :) Take Me Out anyone? ;)