Sunday, 25 March 2012

You're strumming on my heart strings like you were a grade eight, I've never felt this way.

Dress H&M

Nails Models Own Scarlet Sparkle

Watch Grandad's

Forever wearing socks, whatever the weather!

My easter reading.

My kitty, I've missed her dearly!

Well hello there, long time no see eh? Apologies about not posting regularly, uni gets very busy sometimes! I've just finished term for Easter, it's nice to be home! 3 weeks sounds like a long time but I'm sure it'll fly by. Then I only have 4 weeks until exams start, eep! My break will be spent revising, reading, baking, seeing friends and family, going to Manchester to see a lovely boy, and hopefully getting my first tattoo! I'll show you all when it's done :)

How are you all spending your easter?



Ellie said...

That sounds like such lovely plans for Easter break! :)
I recieved IQ84 for Christmas but am yet to read it, it would be really nice to hear your thoughts once you've finished it :) xxxx

Gabby said...

@Ellie; I'll try my best to finish it over Easter, I have books one and two! So good from what I've already read though :) xxx