Saturday, 14 April 2012


Having a lovely night in with me, myself and I. There's two things I love more than anything in this world: being lazy, and eating (and now I sound like an obese layabout!). So, I'm eating hot cross buns whilst perusing the blogs, and will watch some form of telly later.

I've been back in Liverpool a few days now, and have been getting back into the swing of working... ish. Tried revising in the sunshine on Sefton Park but there were three distractions: my man, lack of sunshine and ALL THE CUTE PUPPIES. Ahem. Seriously, so many cute dogs in the park. My favourite was a little Pomeranian that came running up to sit with Jack, one of the cutest sights I've ever seen :') definitely want one now!

I met up with my best friend Manda the day before I went back to Liverpool, and went on a little shopping spree..well in the nail varnish department of course. Topshop has such a lovely range of colours, I restricted myself to 3! I got Milkshake (a very pale pink), Parma Violet (pale lilac), and Celestial. I love Celestial, had it on for a few days now. It's not my usual shade, I'm more of a red/pink girl myself but I couldn't not get it! It's like that periwinkle colour, light blue but with lilac tones.

Here's the reason I've come back to halls before everyone else! Revision, yaaaay. 5 and a half weeks til my exams start. I didn't revise half as much as I should have for my last batch of exams, and only just passed them, so this time I aim to do better. I enjoy the modules so it shouldn't be too hard! Fingers crossed!

And last but not least, I thought I'd swoon about Jack a little bit more ;) haha. He surprised me with this lovely basket of Body Shop goodies on Wednesday, how sweet eh! It was mostly vanilla stuff, which he knows I love. It contains a bath/shower gel, body lotion, body puree (we both have no idea how this differs from the lotion!), soap (which smells divine), and cocoa butter lip balm. It tastes amazing! I'm a lucky lady, aren't I :)


Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Wolves

I thought I'd ramble on about my lovely week in Liverpool :) First and foremost, I managed to get myself a lovely boyfriend. His name is Jack, and I'll probably mention him a fair bit on here as we spend quite a lot of time together! I was spending a few days with Jack after my job interview in Liverpool, and thankfully I got the job! Such luck is coming my way recently haha.
We spent the week relaxing, eating (well that was more on my part but still - he introduced me to Bar Burrito, best place ever, nom), and wandering round Liverpool. We went to watch The Hunger Games with people who were still in Liverpool, and it was really good! Worth the extortionate ticket prices I reckon. Our last night together was spent doing what we do best... eating a nice meal and watching House, cuddled up under a big duvet. Bliss. It's been a lovely few days, and I made a few purchases which I thought I'd show you!

Jack treated me to Book Three of 1Q84 after he found out I'd got my job, which was really nice of him! Can't wait to get stuck in. I also got The Road by Cormac McCarthy as I've been meaning to read it for some time, and it was only 50p from a charity shop so why not eh?

Also I got two new films to watch, one I watched with Jack out of pure fear of the film. Has anyone watched Let The Right One In? I'd recommend it actually, even if it is abit odd at parts and slightly hard to follow... I'm going to watch it again and hopefully understand more of it! Also I purchased The Other Boleyn Girl, a really good book and also a good film. It's got my two favourite actresses in, and Eric Bana thrown in for good measure... what's not to like? ;)