Saturday, 14 April 2012


Having a lovely night in with me, myself and I. There's two things I love more than anything in this world: being lazy, and eating (and now I sound like an obese layabout!). So, I'm eating hot cross buns whilst perusing the blogs, and will watch some form of telly later.

I've been back in Liverpool a few days now, and have been getting back into the swing of working... ish. Tried revising in the sunshine on Sefton Park but there were three distractions: my man, lack of sunshine and ALL THE CUTE PUPPIES. Ahem. Seriously, so many cute dogs in the park. My favourite was a little Pomeranian that came running up to sit with Jack, one of the cutest sights I've ever seen :') definitely want one now!

I met up with my best friend Manda the day before I went back to Liverpool, and went on a little shopping spree..well in the nail varnish department of course. Topshop has such a lovely range of colours, I restricted myself to 3! I got Milkshake (a very pale pink), Parma Violet (pale lilac), and Celestial. I love Celestial, had it on for a few days now. It's not my usual shade, I'm more of a red/pink girl myself but I couldn't not get it! It's like that periwinkle colour, light blue but with lilac tones.

Here's the reason I've come back to halls before everyone else! Revision, yaaaay. 5 and a half weeks til my exams start. I didn't revise half as much as I should have for my last batch of exams, and only just passed them, so this time I aim to do better. I enjoy the modules so it shouldn't be too hard! Fingers crossed!

And last but not least, I thought I'd swoon about Jack a little bit more ;) haha. He surprised me with this lovely basket of Body Shop goodies on Wednesday, how sweet eh! It was mostly vanilla stuff, which he knows I love. It contains a bath/shower gel, body lotion, body puree (we both have no idea how this differs from the lotion!), soap (which smells divine), and cocoa butter lip balm. It tastes amazing! I'm a lucky lady, aren't I :)


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