Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Best slow dancer in the universe

Oh hi there, long time no see! Apologies for the absence in blogging but I haven't really had time! Luckily my exams have finished, Summer is here and I've got plenty of time to ramble on. How have you all been? So much to catch up on! In a nutshell:

1.Applied for (what feels like a thousand) jobs
2. Had an interview at American Apparel, but sadly heard nothing back!
3. Struggled through my exams
4. Lived in squalor for my last month at university halls
5. Came back home for summer!

There we are, you're all caught up now! I hope everyone enjoyed their Jubilee weekend, I really enjoyed it even though I wasn't expecting to! Poor Prince Philip being in hospital though, anyone else think the Queen looked dead lonely?! :( However by the end of the weekend I was feeling very patriotic, which isn't like me!

If anyone's been reading this blog or my old one you may remember I started reading 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami, what feels like an age ago. Well, I'm nearly at the end of the last book! Yay! Going to be reviewing that on here soon :) also will be posting a summer reading list, as I've got a massive pile of books to get stuck in to.

I'll leave my ramblings at that for now :) Hope you're all well!



Anonymous said...

I'll be eagerly anticipating this reading list. cannot wait!!!!!!!!!

Nish Gibson said...

Kepp at it you will hear something back. Don't give up. BTW cute shirt!!!