Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Yep, I've been getting friendly with Pixlr, can you tell?! Ha. The playsuit is an old Topshop find, and the jumper is from New Look, last year. I really haven't done that much with my day besides watch Man vs Food (so good!) and bake some coconut macaroons! 

Now, starting this week I'm going to try and get a weekly blog feature going. It's based on the books I read, and basically will be a review every friday! That means I have to read a book a week, eep! I'm sure I'll manage though. So, if anyone has any books they want me to have a read of and review, let me know please! 

Coming soon: The Bell Jar & Before I Go To Sleep


Emma Matthews said...

Lovely photo, I like your jumper!

Emma x

Gabby said...

@Emma; thankyou :) it was a New Look jumper but is last season, so won't be in the shops I don't think! x