Thursday, 21 June 2012

The D-Word

Casually proving I never take myself too seriously...

I've been wondering when to write this post for a while now! I decided to do it after reading the Frankie Sandford interview in Glamour a few months back, which focused on her struggle with depression. I try my best not to go "too deep" in regards to my health/well being on here, but there's such a stigma attached to all forms of mental illness, and I thought it'd be nice just rambling about it. If it helps just one person, I'll be happy!

; I've had depression for around 1 and a half years now. Time flies! I can't pin point where it started, I've been trying for  a very long time but now I think it's better to manage it and make myself better. Saying "better" is a little odd, because depression is a part of my life, it'll be weird when it finally buggers off.

; After about 11 months of being a stubborn and moody teenager, I dragged myself to counselling. Now, the first counsellor I got was frankly ridiculous. I'm sure she could help others, but why do people do breathing exercises?! I mean really. I was struggling not to giggle as I huffed and puffed in front of her. Anyway, then I got paired with the lovely Brian, who has stuck by me for the past few months. I find it useful because I don't like the idea of burdening close ones with my problems.... so I lay it on a professional, ha! Seriously though, I consider him a friend now.

; I was put on medication in January this year, and this deserves the most attention, I feel. Not because it's the most "important" part of my treatment, but because my God there is so much prejudice about antidepressants! In the past they were harsh and aggressive treatments (tranquilizers anyone?!), but now  they are much better managed and all they do is balance out chemicals whizzing round your brain. I'm currently on a form of SSRI, linked there for anyone who wants more info. It has not changed my personality at all, the only difference is I am a heavier sleeper!

I don't want to ramble on, so the last thing I will say on the topic is do not be worried about having depression. As my counsellor told me on my first appointment, depression is just your body going into "nursing mode", if you will, protecting you from any more emotional strain. And when you're ready, you will get back to your normal self. x


Steven Brown said...

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marthaaaa_ said...

I can't believe I've only just found your blog, this is a really well written post, it's really brave of you to be able to talk about it so openly. I hope things get better for you. xox

Temporary:Secretary said...

Its very inspirational to read this - my mum has depression so I understand it to an extent. Keep your head held high! Sending you love and hugs xxxx

Lauren Jane said...

Your an inspiration, well done for talking about it, If everyone was more like you it wouldn't be so taboo xxx