Sunday, 12 August 2012

Reading Material

Hello everyone, hope you're having a nice relaxing Sunday. I've been applying for jobs and reading - what's new eh?! I thought I'd inform you of my favourite blogs to read. A little smile always pops up on my face when I see a new post from one of these lovely ladies...

Note, not in numerical order! These are just a handful of my best blogs :)

I had to start with one of the blogs I've been following for as long as I can remember! Gem's blog is the perfect mix of lifestyle, DIY, style and general nattering! I am so envious of her hair, one day I'll have the courage to chop my locks off but for now...! One of her tuesday tips brought about my love for leopard nails! Find her blog here.

If you haven't heard of Little Blog of Horrors...where have you been hiding?! I adore Ayden's blog, it's full of pretty photos of her lovely little life (which I am enviable of!), reviews of bits and bobs and also adorable pictures of her kitten Dexter! Seen in the photo above. I want him! I also absolutely love her tattoos, forever hoping I can get enough money together to get some as amazing as hers :) and to top it all off, she's absolutely lovely!

I'm gobsmacked it took me so long to find Jade's wonderful blog, I only stumbled upon it at the start of summer! Based in Liverpool like myself, I love seeing what Jade gets up to. I never seem to go exploring in Liverpool, and she's inspired me too.  Jade is such a wonderful writer and a really friendly person. I love exchanging words with her on Twitter, and would love to meet up with her for a good natter in a pretty caf√© Liverpool sometime!

Ellie is just one of the loveliest people I've met in the 'blogosphere'. Her blog is a relatively "small" blog, like mine, but deserves so many more followers because I love her blog! She attends univeristy in Scotland, so expect lots of pretty pictures of what she's getting up to :) Find her lovely blog here!

I don't follow many foodie blogs, but I certainly should do if they're all similar to this! I love Lauren's blog, it's a perfect mix of lifestyle, food, travel and style. A lot of her recommendations are based around Manchester, which makes me want to hop on the train and visit more! I certainly should do, it's only an hour away after all.

There you have it, my 'top 5', so to speak. Hope you enjoy, and please visit/follow them if you don't already!



Abi said...

I already read Gem's (found you through her retweet) and I'll check all the othere out. I look forward to having a good look through yours too xx

Gabby said...

Aw thanks lovely :) much appreciated! xxx