Sunday, 5 August 2012

Dark locks

Hello everyone, I'm sorry for my long break away from the blog! Wasn't feeling myself so retreated for a while. However, I have some nice posts lined up involving Liz Earle, and my nail polish collection!

The focus on today's post is my hair. Recently I cut a full fringe in, and since then I've been dying (excuse the pun) to dye it again! My hair is naturally a fair/dark brown, but I'd love to take it a few shades darker, mainly because after August, IT'S OFFICIALLY A/W 12 PEOPLE! Haha I love A/W much more than S/S, because I can wear darker colours, layers, big jumpers etc etc. So I would like a barnet to match! Here is my main inspiration:

I just think that really deep brown shade looks so nice on Lily! Really brings out the brown in her eyes too. So, I'll be on a hunt for a decent semi-permanent dye. Which would you recommend? And now my hair is longer (and rather thick), should I buy 2 boxes of dye?

Answers on a postcard/comment/tweet please ladies!

Hope you're all having a lovely relaxing sunday. I'm curled up with a brew and Marie Claire, ogling at the lovely A/W campaigns!

PS Whilst I may take breaks from blogging, I'm alive and kicking on my twitter & tumblr!



Ellie said...

I love Lily's hair, I think a darker colour would really suit you :)
I use Garnier Herbashine semi-permenant, they have a really lovely range of colours and I find it usually lasts for about 6 weeks. Definitely buy 2 boxes, 1 is never enough and you get a better colour payoff that way too :)
I hope you're having a lovely Sunday, Gabby! You've just reminded me I really need to go pick up the latest issue of Marie Claire, too :)

Gabby said...

Thanks love! Definitely will buy 2 boxes, thanks for the recommendation :)

Yess it's a good edition of MC this week my dear!