Thursday, 9 August 2012

Longings #1: Shoes @ Kurt Geiger

Shoes. A woman's best friend, no? I must admit, I often think more/less of someone based on the shoes they wear. If you can walk well in a heel, I commend you, because I can't unless it's the chunkiest of chunky heel. I've been taking a gander at the Kurt Geiger website for a few weeks now, and, if I had the money, these would be my picks:


Oh, Esme. How beautiful you are (yes, it has a name, ergo I can converse with it). The studs, the pale blue/black combination, the patent leather. Let's not mention the heel I cannot walk in. This is my dream shoe, some day I will wear them happily on my feet, clip-clopping away in Liverpool somewhere. And, before you ask, I will find an occasion to wear them. Dining out, drinks with friends, 9AM lectures...


These beauties would be my go-to shoe during the winter months. Made of supple suede (my favourite fabric for a shoe), they just ooze cool, don't they? I can imagine proudly strutting them anywhere and everywhere, teamed with a chunky knit and skinny jean.


Leopard print features heavily on my nails, so why not feature on my feet too? Also, they're a slipper-style,which I love love love (yes, three times over). I need a decent flat in my life. True, I'm an avid boot-wearer, and they remain my favourite thing to have on my toes, but for the days when I'll be running around uni like a headless chicken, I could do with a flat shoe to save my feet the pain. And these are just lovely.

Who said flat shoes don't have attitude? Ok, my list. Three things needed in a flat with attitude: suede? Check. Red? Check. Studs? Check check check. They would be perfect for a night on the town. I often feel if I wear flats on a night out, that I look a bit "drab". Not with these! Who wants to wake up with a hangover and sore feet? Not me.

So, there you have it. My favourites that Kurt Geiger have to offer. 

It's my birthday in a month... anyone fancy treating me? I'm a size 6.


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Gaby de Modacapital said...

The first pair are amazing! :)