Tuesday, 27 December 2011

three - bye bye 2011.

"And I am done with my graceless heart, so tonight I'll cut it out and then restart" - Florence & The Machine

Well, I'm currently snuggled up with my cat/new dressing gown and I thought, what better time to blog ;) I'm going to try and regularly post to get as much viewing on here as possible, it'll be a hard slog but worth it when I have more readers eh :) Hope everyone had a great Christmas! I got lots of goodies which I'll share in another post. Does anyone else seriously dislike this period before NYE and after Christmas? Nothing happens, it's so weird!

Anyway, I've never been happier to say goodbye to a year. 2011 has been probably the worst to date (not to be pesimistic!), I've lost two very important people in my life, diagnosed with that d-word, left home, etc. Lots of change. But, I'm willing to start 2012 with a new perspective.

Up there is my family, in case you haven't realised! I've loved being back home after a tricky first Semester in Liverpool, I've felt very relaxed around them. Coming back to Liverpool on January 7th I think, so here's hoping for a better future :)



Belle said...

thank you for being my 100th follower!! you sound like a really nice person and can't wait to read more of your blog. I will mention you in a post as you were my 100th follower so look out for it!:) xxxx


Bethan said...

I love the limbo between Christmas and New Year, its for eating and watching films! Good to hear you had a good Christmas :) xx

Gabby said...

Belle - Anytime love, your blog looks lovely! Thankyou very much :) appreciate you being the first follower of mine! :D xxx

Bethan - That is true, I've been doing lots of slobbing and eating :') Hope you had a wonderful holiday too :) xxx

Zoey - Daisy Gin said...

I cannot wait for 2012, ready for a new start. :) xx

Gabby said...

Zoey - completely agree :) xx

Eloise said...

ugh I hate this time of year as well! Annnnd they put nothing on tv either!