Thursday, 29 December 2011

five - to the dark(er) side.

So, looks like I've got started on my list a lot sooner than I thought I would! ;) Today I finally took the plunge and dyed my hair for the first time. Not going to lie I was terrified of it turning green/falling out!
I used Loreal Casting Creme Gloss in shade 515 - Chocolate Truffle (yes I did choose it because of it's yummy name).

My mum and sister helped with this as it was my first time, and they did a stellar job I reckon! ;) It's come out a rich, dark brown with some reddish tones to it. Obviously this will change after a few washes/in the daylight! But so far I'm very happy with it!

Previously I was dark brown, but in the sunlight my hair did tend to go quite light, so this might not seem like a big change to those who know me (and my hair colour) well, but I really love it! Here are some pictures:

This looks like a before and after shot, but it's not! Just the new hair with and without flash :)

Has anyone tried any other shades of Loreal? Did you like them? :)

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Hev said...

I love Loreal casting creme hair dyes! I've used a plum one and a chocolate brown one so far :)
They smell so nice as well! x

Gabby said...

@Hev; they do smell nice don't they! I'm sniffing away :') x