Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Why hello there.

In case you don't know me already, I'm called Gabby. I'm nineteen years old, am a very proud Northern girl and enjoy drinking tea, reading and painting my nails.

I previously had a blog called Delusion Imagery, but I feel it grew old for me and didn't have a purpose. I needed a break from blogging, so took a month or so out. This blog is mainly a personal one, not a diary as such, just ramblings about my days and thoughts. I'm not entirely sure if this blog will keep going, I'm not ashamed to say that I've been suffering with depression for around a year now and 2012 is the year I beat it. So if I do go MIA every so often you can be sure it's because of that! Now, in aid of personal issues, a feature of the new blog will involve writing 5 things that make me happy at the end of each post.

I'll post again in the new year (for anyone that happens to find this! I'm not promoting this til I'm ready you see), so for now, bye :)!
5 things; Sweet tea, Cosmo, Beetlejuice nail polish, lie-ins and Christmas.

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