Thursday, 12 July 2012

My favourite game

Hello lovelies, sorry for not posting alot recently! My skin got attacked by another Garnier product I got drawn to so I looked rubbish! Back to normal now, thanks to the skin saviour that is Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser! Seriously that stuff must have been made by superhumans, it's made my skin look so clear.

Yesterday I went to Manchester with my parents, mainly so my lovely mum could pick herself a new Radley bag. Waaaah so jealous! Of course I'm more of a Mulberry girl myself (aren't we all?) but I'd take any nice bag right now to be honest! I picked up Essie Sand Tropez in Selfridges and couldn't be happier with the colour. I like really neutral colours as they make my hands look better - I think I have stubby fingers! So after seeing it on the nails of Anna, I knew I had to get it! The service was rubbish at Selfridges which I was really shocked at, but I persisted because I really wanted this colour.

Seeee. So plain but pretty :) 

Really looking forward to my last few months of summer, I have lots of little plans! Including a trip to the Monet/Turner/Twombly exhibition at the Tate next weekend, seeing my sister in York at the end of July, then at the end of August we're off to Glasgow for a weekend! Can't wait, we're staying at Malmaison, eeeep!

Has anyone else tried Essie Sand Tropez? Do you like your dull nail colours? ;)



alexabella said...

love this colour, and you look really nice:) xx

life in the wendy house said...

This dress is lovely, I think I very nearly picked it up a while ago, but chose a different colour instead. Looks like you have a busy summer ahead, I'm currently trying to make plans and failing, everything is so expensive! (: xx

Petit Chatons said...

Such a pretty colour! Love your blog, I'm following now :) Feel free to check out mine!

Laura x
Petit Chatons

Gabby said...

@alexabelle; thankyou my dear :)

@lifeinthewendyhouse; ahh you can't go wrong with a H&M dress eh ;) the price of everything sucks at the moment :( but there is free stuff like art galleries etc if you're into that sort of thing :) x

@Laura; thanks sweet, I'll have a look at yours now! :) x

januarysublime said...

Pretty dress and the nails are very elegant.
Love your haircut!
JS xx

Gabby said...

@JS; thankyou my dear, much appreciated! x

Temporary:Secretary said...

This is a lovely and pretty outfit xxx

Lauren Jane said...

Absolutely Gorgeous!

L x

Lauren Jane said...

I am following you on bloglovin :) your blog is gorgeous xx