Saturday, 4 February 2012

twenty one - tea & interiors.

Typing this at silly-o-clock as I can't sleep! It's been my first proper week back at University this week, busy busy. Nice busy though, was lovely to see all my coursemates again. Today we had a GIS lecture (geographical information systems to you and me!) which was horrendously boring as per usual. Me and my oceans coursemates passed the time reading the paper and doing sudoku ;) After this I went to my friend's flat for a brew and a natter, before going back to my own room for tea!

I bought some lovely new posters today from the union, they were very cheap so why not eh? Anything to brighten up my dismally decorated halls room...

Ok so the first photo isn't my room, this is a purchase I made on a whim whilst wandering round tesco the other day. Peppermint tea is apparently very good for you, so I thought why not. It's got a lovely flavour :)

Here is the first of my new poster purchases - a Breakfast at Tiffany's one, no less! It's huge, nearly as tall as me!

This poster has been up since freshers, I love it. Moved it on to my wardrobe (note my gingerbread man tin full of sweets!)

My favourite purchase of the day - for £3.50, a MASSIVE antique world map poster. And I mean massive! The sheet of paper to the right of it is A4, to put it into perspective...

I've moved all my pictures of the nearest and dearest on to my front wall, along with all my magazine clippings/bits and bobs to the right.

What do you think then, do you like it? :) How do you spruce up your uni rooms if you live in halls?


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