Thursday, 1 November 2012

Fallen leaves on the ground

Last weekend my sister popped to Liverpool for the weekend, and what a lovely time we had. On saturday I took her to Sefton Park, which is only a short walk from my house. It was such a beautiful day, I ended up getting some really pretty pictures of the autumnal landscape.

I had to have a go at the whole leaf-kicking action shot, and well... you can see what happened. I promise you I'm a 5"6 (ish), twenty year old, but I look like a small chubby child in this! I'm wearing my beloved Great Gatsby jumper, which I'll show you in more detail soon.

We also went for a great meal at Kasbah on Bold St - I urge all Liverpool-dwellers to go there, such good Morrocan food and excellent service!



annieapple said...

looks so pretty! x

Jo said...

Autumn pictures are the best sort, I love the first one where it's like traffic light trees (: xx

she. said...

Love the colours.